Welcome to #PhotosByArvin!

Let’s meet the person behind #PhotosByArvin

Hi, there! I’m Arvin. I’m a Filipino, a tech geek, a computer engineer, an amateur photographer and a “wannabe designer”. That’s pretty much it. Oh, wait. I thought this was Twitter and I was just supposed to write in under 140 characters. Anyway, my passion for photography started when I created my Instagram account back in 2012. And because of that, I started to become better and better at taking pictures. Also, I’m very passionate about music, graphic design and typography.

Here at #PhotosByArvin, I try post photos of different kinds of stuff. But I’m mostly posting sky and sunset photos because that’s what I love the most. And if I happen to not post photos for a long time, it’s either I’m busy, I’m travelling, or I’m just taking some time off for myself.

By the way, thanks for viewing my blog and I hope that you like what you see here.



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